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about our templates

Since we are a design company, we love to design new Google Sites templates. These, in a nutshell, are the look and feel of the website and sometimes the basic structure. There are really three main components to our templates: style, navigation, and layout.


A Google Sites website can look great and we've simply done the work for you to design a template that is professional, modern, and pleasant. We closely study the types of websites being created now, not 10 years ago, because you want your website to be refreshing and easy for visitors. Style not only draws people in, but creates conversions (sales, contacts, etc.)


The entire field of navigation and user experience can be summed up in the words Information Architecture. We build websites that are easily accessible, easy to read, and essentially take your visitors where they want to go. Our templates are developed to present key choices to the visitor. There is always a call to action prominent on the home page or a clear navigation bar that lists key pages.


Everyone likes consistency in design. Our templates provide a sample home page layout which use layout structures that are proven to present information well. Google Sites provides several page layouts by default, but a custom structure can, for one, break the mold and also increase interest.

our customers

We've been doing custom Google Sites design for years, creating over 300 templates. Now we are providing templates to the masses. Here are some of the businesses, professionals, and organization's we've developed for:

Information Technology
Construction companies
Small Business

Real Estate
Teachers & Professors