The Teachers Template

posted Jun 10, 2013, 6:10 PM by Kyle Horst
We have always admired the educational sector's desire to make the most out of Google Sites. I've seen a lot of Google Sites made by teachers and some have expressed to me directly a desire to have a nice looking classroom site. There are a lot of learning content management systems out there, but since a lot of schools are going google, they want to somehow integrate Google Sites. That is why I've seen teacher's sites, principle sites, class sites and all manner of profile pages. 

Our new teacher template is fun to look at and explore. I think students will instantly see the appeal to color and style. It's not like we used primary colors and comic sans, we kept things cool. 

Now this isn't to say we are pigeon-holding this template. It is for everyone and everyone will love it. As Google Sites improves, so does our finesse within sites. Enjoy the template and thanks for dropping by.