posted Nov 24, 2012, 5:50 AM by Kyle Horst
In case you haven't noticed, we love to design Google Sites. It is a very rewarding experience to think of a new website concept, build it in a day, and post it for hundreds to enjoy. We were scouting for our next site concept via Pinterest and I caught a logo design in an amazing shade of purple. So we made a very purple template. Couple this excellent color choice with a minimalist approach and nice use of Google Webfonts, we released The Violet Effect this month.

How can you use this template? We've imagined it for a variety of purposes, for example. A winery. The purple has enough red to illicit a vineyard feel to it. I could see it used for selling a product related to nature, food and flora. In the end, it can be used for anything and we hope you like the Google Sites templates we're creating. Thanks for you support.