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We understand that for those who are brand new to Google Sites it may be difficult at first to understand your template. Rest assured that we most often have someone online who can help you with your questions.

We will try to answer the most common queries here, but if you are stuck, we are happy to help one-on-one. And remember you also have at your disposal the Google Sites Help Forums. We actually answer a lot of questions there as well. So raise your issue, ask a question, or pose an idea. We have a beautiful Google Sites community, take advantage of that.

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Frequent Asked Questions
Here are some of the most common questions in regards to Google Sites templates

How do I use my Google Sites template for my custom domain?

There are two ways to go about this:
  • Forward your custom domain using Google Apps (Recommended)
  • Forward your custom domain using a free Gmail account like's Google Sites
For option 1, using Google Apps, follow this great video tutorial for connecting your custom template to your domain name (

For option 2, go to More > Manage Site > Web Address > Add custom domain (your .com). Then go into your domain registrar and map www to (that's Google's servers). Here is a handy video showing how to do that (

How do I modify the look of the Google Site template I bought?

That's a good question. Let's say you are using The Agency Template from our business templates. It obviously has a giant space of deep blue color. If you wanted that color to instead be purple, you will need to use a graphic editing program, such as Photoshop.

Now I know what you are thinking, you don't want to buy Photoshop just to change your template a bit. Trying using GIMP or an online application like Pixlr - both of which are free.

How do you change the background image? First, go to More > Manage Site > Colors & Fonts. The wrapper background image is the top, header image of the website and the background image is the bottom, footer part of the website. View these and save them onto your Desktop. Then upload them into your photo editor and experiment. Just keep the general layout and you are good to go.

How do I upload my logo?

The logo is either part of the Wrapper Background Image or a separate file. To determine this, see if the logo is clickable, if so then it is a separate file. This can be changed in More > Manage Site > Site Layout > Change Logo. You may want to verify the size of the logo file before uploading a new one. Just right click on the existing logo and save it. View its properties to see the dimensions in pixels.  You will want to match the height of the existing logo, or else it will throw off the layout.

If the logo is part of the Wrapper background image, then refer to the question: How do I modify the look of the Google Site template I bought? This will help you edit the Wrapper Background Image using a graphic editing program.

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