about Google Sites Templates

Google Sites, part of Google Apps, is an easy to use web building platform. It is designed for use as public facing business websites as well as internally within a company.

Google Sites templates

Google Sites is very user friendly and easy to maintain, but that doesn't change the fact that attention to good graphics and orderly page layout are important. Not everyone is proficient in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, so it becomes imperative that an expert be introduced to the web design process.

Maintenance & Editing

Maintenance of a Google Site is a key factor in good SEO, that is search engine optimization. Fresh content, new articles, and up-to-date information provide visitors with a relevant experience on your website. Google Sites allows for easy updating because the editing program is simple, like using a MS Word document. Saved page history makes it easy to fall back on your previous page versions if you make a mistake. 

Space and SEO

There is 10 GB available for free with Google Sites, so space is never really an issue. SEO best practices apply to Google Sites as well. Well written content, a good web address, a relevant site title and description is important. Google Sites can rank as well as any other CMS' website, so ranking well is easy with unique content. If you write it well, they will come.